Most current corporate training & training approaches focus almost exclusively on the mind and emotion. They ignore physical energy as a major driver of performance.
Bernhard Lieder
“Bernhard is an exceptional speaker. Our participants loved his (…) in-depth knowledge on performance, leadership and self-mastery.”
Eliza Tan, Senior Executive CoachSG, Singapore


High-Performance Leadership

In times of rapid technological change, business leaders, team managers and corporate professionals all face one tough question: How do we prepare ourselves for a future where learning, unlearning and re- learning will become the norm?

The world of sports has already encountered and dealt with this problem. In this talk, business leaders will have a chance to gain the following learnings: How to explain the concept of agile in a simple yet impactful manner.

Fast and slow: Seeing the world through an athlete’s eyes when it comes to preparing for continuous peak performance.

How to use a proven formula from the world of sports to assess whether they are all set for the next steps.


Soft Skills, Hard Results

Are you concerned that your team members are often not performing at their best?

If you are like most business leaders who have a passion to improve their team’s performance, you can relate to these questions.

By utilizing the well-known but seldomly applied methodologies of professional sports teams, you can achieve incredible results quickly.

Learning from the most successful sports coaches in history, this talk will convey…

Simple yet effective ways to have your team members feel more energized, valued, focused and purposeful.

3 unusual techniques which will boost employee engagement (read: The factor which, according to Gallup, correlates highest with profitability).

A proven framework to increase the effectiveness of your message and cause higher productivity within your teams.

Most current corporate training are standardized
They attempt to target large groups. Modern sports training philosophy sees athletes work on what their strength profile requires. Excellent training programs are designed to strengthen strengths & weaken weaknesses; they don’t attempt to turn weaknesses into strengths.


High-performance in 2020

Economic slowdown, job rationalizations, job freeze – most people find it hard to perform in these times marked by pressure and uncertainty.

Yet there is an approach to systematically perform under pressure. You guessed correctly: It’s coming from the world of competitive sports!

One of the many learnings the audiences get out of this talk is learning how to relate better to their team members.

How to optimize performance and compete like an athlete. Higher productivity and better results guaranteed!

Discover key techniques used by world-class sports teams for better collaboration.


Energy Athletica: Productivity and Collaboration the Athletic Way

The job of a marketer is to generate demand by figuring out what people want and appealing to that. As a modern leader, your job is to generate demand for a trust-based high-performance culture by inspiring your teams. The digital transformation has led to the most diverse teams in the workplace ever: Dynamic communicators, process-driven UX designers and analytical data scientists are now part of the same team – YOUR team! So how do you bring such diverse competencies together?

By the end of this talk, you will…

…have learnt about the forgotten source of energy in corporates.

…will experience feeling energetic during a keynote – yes, this is possible! …have a proven formula to bring back to your teams to take the next steps.

“Bernhard’s had the audience sitting on the edge of their seat. (…) I cannot say enough about how great it was working with him!”
Lora Bogoeva, Executive Producer Marcus Evans, Cyprus

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