Team Workshops

“I hosted Bernhard Lieder as a distinguished speaker at our Chief Marketing Officer Summit 2019 in Gold Coast, Australia. He was highly recommended to me by (…) their event to the next level.”

Erika Emil Rinaldi


Season Planning

  • Focus topic: Clarity
  • Timing: Year-end or Q1.
  • Objective: Help team zero in on priorities for the year.

    • People: Review team roles & identify growth potential.
    • Strategy: Detail initial game plan & targets.
    • Values: Identify keystone habits for season.
  • Our formats: Team workshop, 1:1 sports-style training.



  • Focus topic: Confidence
  • Timing: Q1 or times of change.
  • Objective: Build motivation, belief & hunger to succeed.

    • People: Support team to establish agility & strength.
    • Strategy: Explore tactical & adaptive pathways.
    • Operations: Incentivize ownership.
  • Our formats: Keynote, workshop, 1:1 sports-style training.
We distilled the Top Ones – So your teams reach High-Performance



Main Season

  • Focus topic: Collaboration & creativity
  • Timing: Any time.
  • Objective: Form a trust-based high-performance culture.

    • People: Turn peak into high-performers.
    • Strategy: Get clear on what defines ultimate team work.
    • Operations: Innovate with other teams & customers.
  • Our formats: Team or customer innovation workshop.


Finals / Play-Offs

  • Focus topic: Courage
  • Timing: Times of pressure or change.
  • Objective: Help team stick to game plan when stressed.

    • People: How to be resilient under pressure.
    • Strategy: Build default scenarios for stress situations.
    • Operations: Practice default scenarios & keystone habits.
  • Our formats: Keynote, team workshop.
It is my pleasure to recommend Bernhard Lieder. Bernhard worked for me during my tenure as Vice President (…) all the best for the future.”
Magali Simon, Executive Coach, Leadership and Team Development

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