Lora Bogoeva,

Marcus Evans Events

I hired Bernhard as a trainer to facilitate a half-day teambuilding workshop for my regional Marketing & Sales Excellence team in Asia-Pacific.

Before the event, I was looking for an inspiring trainer to help our diverse team bring communication and collaboration to the next level. I chose Bernhard because I felt that sports principles can teach us so much about performing as a team.

Bernhard turned out to be an excellent choice!The interaction with him was highly professional. Based on my input, he designed a concept which gave me the confidence that the team would benefit from it.

During the event, he was very engaging and approachable. The sports principles were spot on and delivered with clarity. They helped us understand the ideas from a competitive sports team perspective first – before applying them in various exercises afterwards. I was most impressed with the open environment he created. This resulted in the team feeling comfortable to openly share and give feedback. Half-way through, my team was already interacting at a depth and quality.

I wholeheartedly recommend Bernhard for any team workshop or training targeted at improving performance. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Avinash Deshmukh,

Vice-President Marketing & Sales Excellence

BASF Agricultural Solutions Asia-Pacific

Sports and work do not have to be mutually exclusive, and Bernhard is the best person to open your team’s mind to that.

Combining the principles that have helped him succeed in a sports career, he helps you make that connection. The connection that can unlock the same energy as when you’re doing sports, but now applied to your work to bring about a newly energized perspective and possibility sustainable results.

I recommend Bernhard to leaders that want to shorten the process in transforming a deskbound culture to a livelier atmosphere.

Damon Wong,


After getting used to working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, Bernard supported our BASF organization in the Middle East to mentally prepare for our gradual transition back to the office.

The webinar he delivered, “Champion’s Mindset: Setting yourself up for a stress-free return to the office”, was a great and interactive way to apply lessons from the world of sports to our daily professional lives.

Bernard is a great sparring partner when it comes to building joyful, high performance teams even during extraordinary circumstances like the Covid-lockdown.

The anecdotes about the lessons he learned as an athlete and the experience from other champions are inspiring and great motivators! I highly recommend his trainings.

Femke Baudoin,

BASF Head of communications, Middle East at BASF


I hosted Bernhard Lieder from ATHLEADERS as one of our breakout session speakers at our 2019 CoachSG Conference in Singapore.

Before the conference, I was looking for a speaker who could offer our coaches a different perspective on the topic of high performance leadership. Bernhard was recommended to me by one of my colleagues based on his credentials as an international keynote speaker and corporate performance coach.

Having witnessed his session, I can confirm that Bernhard is an exceptional speaker. Our participants loved his dynamic delivery and in-depth knowledge on performance, leadership and self-mastery. Most importantly he was able to relate to the training context and used practical demonstrations, real examples and critical thinking to facilitate the participants’ comprehensive understanding of the topic.

As for tangible outcomes, several participants mentioned that they had a much better understanding of their personal leadership preferences and envisioned themselves applying the high performance concepts and habits that Bernhard had shared in their daily training routines.

I highly recommend Bernhard to any event organizer who is looking for an engaging speaker on the topic of leadership and high-performance.

Eliza Tan,

Head of Character & Leadership Development, CoachSG


A very insightful session! It is good to remember the little things which are actually quite big when it comes to performance

Vedran Kujundzic,

Vice President Sales 


I met Bernhard in my role as Sales Account Manager in Cisco. He was invited to run a session on “energy for collaboration” during our regional Sales meeting for ASEAN and Korea. Many team members were quite new and it was the first time that the entire team came together. In sales, we all work towards achieving targets – weekly, monthly, quarterly.

I personally enjoy it but it can be stressful at times. When I entered the room, I expected a presentation about team work. The next 1 hour, we didn’t learn about collaboration – we experienced it! We jumped, laughed, gave each other feedback and found out more about our communication styles. The atmosphere in the room was incredible! I still remember the nice feeling of receiving 30 seconds of feedback from a person I had not really spoken to…

Apart from the overall experience, the content was simple yet powerful. We learnt about how to improve our energy levels which is important in our fast-paced environment. While I heard of people before comparing sports and business, Bernhard’s session was different.

He explained and had us experience how our daily performance depends on our energy. He also taught us simple strategies to improve our motivation – strategies I may not always apply but at least I still remember them.

😊 In summary, I thoroughly enjoyed the session. If you are in Sales and are looking for ways to get your team more connected, motivated and energized, Bernhard is the way to go!

Hashim Aliyar,


Sales Account Manager
“I hosted Bernhard Lieder as a distinguished speaker at our Chief Marketing Officer Summit 2019 in Gold Coast, Australia. He was highly recommended to me by a colleague who worked with him for another event, describing him as a highly dynamic and interesting professional who delivered refreshingly different yet relevant content for our demanding C-suite audience. Having witnessed his presentation, I can confirm that he truly brings an exceptional and unique energy to the table! The audience loved his vibrant and fast-paced presentation style, which evidently shows in the high engagement levels throughout his session. Speakers like Bernhard are rare to find: Professional, easy to work with and outstanding in terms of content and delivery on stage. I highly recommend him to any event organizer who would like to bring their event to the next level.”

Erika Emil Rinaldi


Matt Ballard and Joshua Ho

National Golf Coaches of Singapore

On March 28, 2019, I attended Bernhard Lieder’s Health Talk which he delivered in front 35 colleagues of BASF here in Singapore. As Head of Real Estate and Facilities Management and Chairperson for the inclusion circle “Health & Happiness”, I was involved in the event both as participant and organizer.

Before the event, I was not aware of how the different sources of energy impact our training. I realized that I only had a basic understanding of the psychological aspects of peak performance. I also realized that I had not given enough emphasis on pre- and post-workout activities, such as a proper warm-up and cool-down.

During the session, Bernhard explained how the different sources of energy impact our performance in life, and how physical energy is impacting our every-day performance at work.

Afterwards, he shared simple exercises to improve posture in the office and on the go and answered questions by the audience on how to use the learnings of athleticism at work.

His messages left me inspired and motivated to immediately apply what I heard and to share the key messages with friends and family.

A tangible outcome of the session was that I have a much better understanding of the link between physical activity and performance at work. Having a better understanding of the training cycle has helped me to face and overcome the “low periods” in golf practice where my performance seems to stagnate.

I greatly benefit from Bernhard’s sharing. His messages are powerful, and he is a role model that inspires and motivates. Therefore, I wholeheartedly recommend him for future speaking roles.

Francis Chung,

Head of Real Estate

BASF South-East Asia
Fabulous session and bravo!

Cheryl Yue,

Regional Director of Sales

Greater China

Clemens Philippi

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