Ramdhan Profile pic

– AMFPT Certified PT
– Strength Training Expert
– Weight Loss Expert

Ramdhan is an AMFPT-CFT (American Muscle and Fitness training certification) recognised personal trainer. He is also First Aid & AED certified. He specialises in weight loss training, strength and muscle building and HIIT.

Ramdhan’s foray into the world of personal training started with himself. Even though he was always active, he struggled with cardio and found the 2.4 km running for IPPT (Individual Physical Proficiency Test for selection in Singapore Armed forces) very challenging. On medical diagnosis, found that he was suffering from hypertension and sleep apnoea. That felt more like an awakening call to Ramdhan who took it as a challenge to overcome his health challenge with lifestyle change and a disciplined fitness routine.

After his surgery for sleep apnoea, he consciously incorporated more cardio (HIIT, Running & Swimming) in his routine and started to become mindful about nutrition. Soon he began breaking every fitness milestone that was once seemed impossible.

Within 6 months of consistency and discipline, Ramdhan completed his first ever Army Half Marathon achieving 3 consecutive GOLD score for IPPT. His personal training journey began when friends and colleagues began seeking his help for fitness goals, after which there was no looking back.

Today, Ramdhan is the best shape of his life. Incorporating weight training into his regime, it became possible for him to increase his lean muscle mass while still maintaining the same weight. He believes he is his own experiment and would dedicate personal training career to influence his clients and friends to be fit for life.