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– Over a decade of fitness industry experience.
Certified in American Council on Exercise Health Coach, TRX Group Suspension Training, and American Muscle & Fitness Strength Conditioning.
– Diploma in Exercise & Science (Sports Coaching)

Meet Sahafudeen, a seasoned personal trainer with a decade of experience in the fitness industry. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and a passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals, Sahafudeen holds a diverse range of certifications and qualifications that solidify his expertise. As a certified American Council on Exercise Health Coach and a graduate with a Diploma in Exercise & Science (Sports Coaching) in 2012, Sahafudeen brings a blend of practical skills and academic understanding to his training approach. He is also certified in TRX Group Suspension Training and American Muscle & Fitness Strength Conditioning, demonstrating his proficiency in various training modalities.

Specializing in a wide array of fitness objectives, Sahafudeen offers tailored programs to address individual needs. From weight loss and body recomposition to hypertrophy and strength training, Sahafudeen’s holistic approach ensures clients achieve their desired results. He also specializes in cardiovascular training, pre and postnatal fitness, calisthenics, senior fitness, rehabilitation, and injury prevention, catering to diverse clientele with unique requirements. Additionally, Sahafudeen incorporates specialty training techniques such as boxing/kickboxing, TRX, metabolic conditioning, and functional training, adding variety and excitement to workouts while optimizing performance and results. With Sahafudeen as their trusted guide, clients embark on transformative fitness journeys characterized by personalized attention, expert guidance, and tangible progress towards their fitness goals.