Jason Profile Pic

– NCSF Certified PT
– Weight Loss Expert
– Muscle Building Expert
– Strength Training Expert
– HIIT Training Expert

Jason is an NCSF-certified personal trainer – “NCSF” is the National Council of Strength and Fitness and is one of the most recognised personal training certificates in the industry. He is also First Aid, CPR & AED certified.

He is soft-spoken, professional, and result-oriented – some of the things that clients love him for.

Jason approaches fitness goals from a long-term and sustainable point of view. He believes that it is possible to achieve seemingly impossible body fitness goals and maintain them if one learns how to balance three core elements – Working out Nutrition and Recovery. With a special emphasis on recovery, he quotes his personal example where he saw his results shoot up when he allowed his activated muscles after a workout to auto-reset and recover with proper rest and sound sleep.

Jason’s specialty areas are weight loss, building muscle (hypertrophy), HIIT training, and strength training.