Most multinational companies have leadership development programs in place. They offer clear paths depending on the stage the leaders is in. Most include class-room trainings, assessments (e.g. 360 feedback) and leadership training.

In smaller companies, leadership development is often less structured. It often includes class-room trainings and certain assessments; training is often skipped.

Elite athletes know: High-performance is only possible if ignition (or inspiration), deep practice (or training over time) and quality training are offered.

To develop your leaders holistically, our training program includes elements of ignition, deep practice and quality training.

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Our training program is split into 3 stages:



  • Focus topic: Clarity & confidence
  • Why it matters: In sports, every season starts with season planning & a pre-season where teams get physically, mentally & emotionally ready. Without a clear target & the readiness of the team, it is impossible to move forward.
  • Outcome: At the end of module 1, your leaders are able to plan a year like a top coach. They will also be able to prepare their teams for the year using the pre-season methodology. This will give their teams an edge over any other team – within your organization & compared to the competition.


Communication & collaboration

  • Focus topic: Communication & collaboration
  • Why it matters: A bond between team members is not established during pre-season. A team grows together during a season. It is the common experience of winning games, going through difficult moments and working hard during practice which create a team spirit. There are no short-cuts.
  • Outcome: By the end of module 2, your leaders are equipped with a large tool-box of best practices from the world of competitive sports. They are able to not only recall them – they are also able to apply them to the benefit of their teams. This way, they can guide their teams through times of change and are ready to communicate as the most successful coaches in history.



  • Focus topic: Courage
  • Why it matters: We have all been there: We are clear about our goals and our values. We have shared them with our immediate environment. Suddenly, events happen that produce stress, fear & anxiety. Our nicely crafted vision crumbles. Professional athletes & elite coaches have found ways to “walk towards pressure”: They are able to hold on to their goals in times of extreme pressure & stress.
  • Outcome: After this last module, your leaders are play-off ready! They are able to better deal with stress, expectations and heavy workload. This enables them to be better leaders for their teams – especially in times where team members seek clarity.
Because we know that things can get in the way, all our trainings come with follow-up group calls. This ensures accountability and continuous learning.

To deepen the learning experience for key members, we also offer 1:1 sports-style training. Similar to an elite sports coach, we take the liberty to switch between training, training & mentoring during the sessions. This has proven to give high-performers a more rounded experience compared to a traditional corporate training approach.

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