Most current corporate training approaches are designed to have the coachee develop their own thoughts & roadmap. High-performers in today’s time are used to collaborative approaches to get to where they want to go faster.
I developed ATHLEADERS to provide today’s companies with advanced performance training and leadership development programs that assist in growing their future leaders.
I adopt an innovative approach which brings winning sports mindsets into the business world.

Competitiveness in the 4th Industrial Revolution requires individuals to be agile, collaborative, curious and entrepreneurial (source: World Economic Forum). However, workforce statistics tell us that the world we live in is heavily stressed, largely sedentary and lacks energy.

In times of high pressure, humans of all abilities return to their default to take care of themselves. Creativity, collaboration and measured actions are suppressed.

Most employees want to find a better approach towards performance. However, due to consistently high pressure, they equate high-performance with doing more.

Former athletes can inspire people for a day. However, they don’t have the experience of working in an office environment. My approach is relevant because as a former competitive athlete and corporate person, I know which approaches work – and which ones don’t.

Experience in competitive sports & business. Most corporate coaches are psychologist or former business people themselves. They are at best ambitious hobby athletes. I have been in both environments – and have been successful in both. Therefore, I know which approaches from the sports world work in corporates and which ones don’t.

Most speakers are able to inspire for a day. Thanks to my project management experience, I have run initiatives for 1 year and more.

Our offering goes back to the roots of training. Coaching comes from the sports world. Our approaches combine the best of both worlds.

We coach individuals holistically. Thanks to our experiences in business, sports, nutrition, we are able to coach and train people in topics related to mind, body & soul. Not for wellness – for performance!

The Athleaders Team

Bernhard Lieder

  • 10+ years in multinationals, 3x winner Singapore triathlon
  • Role: Head Coach

Venkatraman Sheshashayee

  • Former CEO of MEO, Jaya & Greatship
  • Role: Senior Coach

Subba Vaidyanathan

  • Former MD Standard Chartered bank
  • Role: Senior Coach

Magali Simon

  • Former VP HR BASF Asia-Pacific
  • Role: Advisor

Troy Engle

  • Part of 2016 U.S. Olympics training team
  • Role: Advisor

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