Incorporating The Motivation And Performance Of Athletes Into Your Corporate DNA
Asia’s Best In Developing Leaders & Teams Through Sports Principles

Companies we have served

What organizations want

Motivated and inspired leaders and teams.

A trust-based high performance culture.

Resilient leaders and teams that embrace change.

What we deliver

The world of athletics deal with these challenges everyday..

We coach athletes over time and keep them motivated.

We develop progressive pathways for permanent results.

We help athletes optimize their performance drivers.

The world of sports has successfully dealt with these challenges for decades. We have modelled our offering around these principles so you and your team reach high-performance faster.

We have developed the next level in corporate training

For your next conference

Most organizations want to upgrade to sustainable high-performance. But times are challenging

Record highs

Global competition

Pressure to perform

Speed of change

Record lows

Growth rates

Employee loyalty

Employee health

This is not always a friendly environment!

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So what have top companies been doing? They reacted by hiring coaches, lots of them. Leadership coaches, Sleep coaches, Sales coaches, Nutrition coaches, Color therapists, Wellness coaches, Personal trainers and more. But the model is limited.

The consequence

Only 1 in 3 CEO’s works with coaches. Most training is temporary. What does it say about the results? Most future leaders think training is to fix things.

We are here to improve this

Who we are

Asia’s Best In Developing Leaders & Teams Through Sports Principles

Our Mission

Help companies move closer towards high-performance through sports principles

Our Promise

We are all about performance! We won; we lost; we picked ourselves up again.

We now teach you how to incorporate these principles to master your daily leadership challenges. Just like world-class athletes would!

The athleaders offering

About the founder

Bernhard Lieder
Bernhard Lieder

Bernhard Lieder is a trainer, entrepreneur, speaker & athlete. He founded ATHLEADERS, a boutique training company based in Singapore.

Prior to joining ATHLEADERS, he worked in Asia, Europe & North America for multinationals like BASF, Lufthansa and Prada. He has consecutively won the Singapore International Triathlon 3 times, is a coach for Adidas Runners and has played professional football in Germany.

Bernhard holds a Master’s degree from Munich Business School. He is a certified nutrition coach and trained with the #1 global ICF-accredited training school. He also studied extensively with private coaches in fields related to high performance and cultural transformation. His sought-after sessions have made him a regular at conferences & in companies across Asia-Pacific.

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