Anthony Profile Pic

– ACE and ISA Certified PT
– Strength & Conditioning Specialist
– Body Recomposition / Transformation Expert
– Calisthenics Expert

Anthony is an experienced and highly qualified Personal Trainer with 5 years of expertise in the fitness industry. Certified by ACE and ISA as a Personal Trainer, Anthony brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to his clients’ fitness journeys. With CPR + AED certification, he prioritises safety and ensures a secure training environment.

Anthony’s commitment to professional growth is evident through his ISA Essential Sports Science certification, which enhances his ability to tailor effective training programs. Specialising in body recomposition, senior fitness, hypertrophy, weight loss, gym-based training, and calisthenics, Anthony caters to diverse fitness goals.

As your personal trainer, Anthony will create personalised workout routines to align with your specific objectives, providing motivation and support throughout your fitness transformation. Expect a dynamic and effective fitness journey under Anthony’s expert guidance, empowering you to achieve remarkable results and lead a healthier lifestyle.