– ACE Certified
– Specializes in Powerlifting and Strength Training
– Strong foundation in anatomy for well-informed training

Meet Ardy Elyasa Suradi, an ACE certified Fitness Trainer with over a year of experience dedicated to transforming lives through tailored fitness programs. Ardy’s expertise spans a wide range of goals, from Weight Loss and Strength Training to Body Recomposition, Hypertrophy, General Fitness, and Powerlifting. His keen interest in powerlifting is complemented by a strong foundation in anatomy, ensuring clients receive well-informed and effective training. Ardy is not just a trainer; he’s a motivator committed to helping individuals achieve their fitness aspirations through personalized and results-driven approaches. If you’re ready to embark on a journey of strength, transformation, and overall well-being, Ardy is the passionate and knowledgeable trainer you’ve been looking for.