Eileen Profile pic

– ACE Certified PT
– AFAA Certified Group Instructor
– Strength Training Expert
– Rehab & Senior Fitness Expert
– Pre / Post Menopausal Fitness

Eileen is an ACE certified personal trainer – “ACE” is the American Council on Exercise and is one of the most recognised personal training certificates in the industry. She is also First Aid Certified (CPR & AED) and an AFAA certified group training instructor.

She looks at fitness as a 5 dimensional phenomenon- muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility & mobility and body composition. She works towards generating awareness about each one of them and offers them as a full package to her clients. 

She works with clients having goals around Weight Loss, Strength training, Rehab, Senior citizens fitness, Myofascial release, Circuit training, Pre and Post menopausal fitness, etc to name a few! She is also trained to work with Kettlebells, Suspended strength training, Barbell, and many other tools.

Eileen excels in extending her expertise to women facing muscle loss and changes in body shape during menopause. She creates personalised body recomposition routines that enable them to retain and improve their shoulder-to-waist-to-hip ratio, resulting in a fit and healthy appearance. As a living example of her approach, Eileen inspires confidence and trust in her clients.

To say Eileen has a lot of certificates would be an understatement. Under broad categories of Fitness and exercises, Nutrition, Senior citizen training and Rehab she  holds more than 35 certifications and still counting!