Joshua Profile Pic

– NCSF Certified
– Mr. World Singapore 2023
– Winner of Physique War 2016

Introducing Joshua Mosses, a dynamic personal trainer with a passion for helping clients achieve their fitness goals. Joshua is NCSF certified and brings two years of valuable experience to his training sessions. Specializing in a variety of fitness objectives, including Weight Loss, Body Recomposition, General Fitness, Hypertrophy (muscle building), Strength Training, and Cardio Training, Joshua’s expertise ensures tailored programs to meet individual needs.

Beyond his certification and experience, Joshua’s accolades speak volumes about his dedication and proficiency in the fitness industry. He was awarded for Physique War 2016 and crowned Mr. World 2023, showcasing his commitment to excellence and achievement in the field. With Joshua as your trainer, you’ll benefit from his knowledge, passion, and proven track record of success, making him the perfect partner on your fitness journey.