– Holds a diploma in Sports & Exercise Science from PSB
– Certified in Kettlebell Level 1
– 2 years of hands-on experience 

Meet Keira, a dedicated personal trainer with 2 years of hands-on experience and a diploma in Sports & Exercise Science from PSB. Keira’s commitment to excellence is further demonstrated by her Kettlebell Level 1 certification, showcasing her expertise in functional training techniques. Keira specializes in tailoring effective training programs for Weight Loss, Body Recomposition, General Fitness, Hypertrophy, and Strength Training.

Her proficiency extends to utilizing TRX, offering clients a dynamic and versatile approach to their fitness journey. Keira’s comprehensive understanding of exercise science, coupled with her practical experience, ensures that each session is not only goal-oriented but also tailored to individual needs and preferences.

If you’re seeking a knowledgeable and skilled trainer to guide you through weight loss, body recomposition, or strength training goals, Keira’s personalized and results-driven approach makes her an excellent choice for a transformative fitness experience.