Kieroy Profile Pic

– NCSF Certified PT
– NCSF Certified Nutrition Specialist
– Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Kieroy is a knowledgeable and dedicated Personal Trainer who is certified by NCSF. He specialises in weight loss, general fitness, and strength training. With a commitment to fitness, Kieroy stays active by working out three to four times a week and participating in weekly basketball games. He is well-versed in incorporating various training methods such as TRX, mixed weights and cardio, supersets, and core workouts to challenge and motivate his clients.

In addition to his certification as a personal trainer, Kieroy is also a Certified Sport Nutrition Specialist, ensuring that his clients receive comprehensive advice and guidance regarding their dietary requirements for their fitness goals. With his expertise and dedication to helping clients, he is committed to ensuring that they stay motivated and engaged in their fitness journey.

Outside of work, Kieroy and his father run a used car business, where he focuses on the niche segment of supercars. In his leisure time, he enjoys sipping on wine and whiskey, and he has been volunteering in the children’s ministry at New Creation Church since 2016.

Overall, Kieroy is a skilled and knowledgeable professional who is dedicated to helping clients achieve their fitness goals. With his passion for fitness and experience in the industry, he is a valuable addition to our team of trainers.