Leroy F.

Leroy F. Profile pic

– NCSF Certified Personal Training
– Calisthenics Expert
– Gym-based Strength Training Expert
– Weight Loss Expert

Leroy is an NCSF certified personal trainer – “NCSF” is the National Council of Strength and Fitness and is one of the most recognised personal training certificates in the industry. He is also First Aid Certified (CPR & AED).

Having experience of more than a decade, he specialises in Gym workouts, Calisthenics, HIIT, Circuit training, and Weight & Strength training workouts.

His experience equips him with the understanding of different age groups and fitness levels. For designing customised fitness routine for their goals, he pays special attention to the preparation phase, muscle stability and the mobility aspect of each client for a more sustainable outcome.

Through the years, Leroy has gained cognisance of the bodily changes that come with the progress of age. He believes it is necessary to balance intensity with an injury-free fitness routine. For clients starting or resuming after injury, Leroy integrates a variety of stretching techniques from yoga to enhance the recovery process and improve muscular integrity.

Mature and understanding, Leroy is known among his clients for being sincere and highly invested in their goals and well being.