Leroy L.

Leroy L. Profile Pic

– Group session & bootcamp trainer
– Boxing & kickboxing specialist
– Gym Based Strength Training Expert

Leroy is an accomplished fitness trainer with 2.5 years of professional experience, possessing a diverse skill set that spans an array of specialised areas. Proficient in crafting dynamic High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions, Leroy tailors workouts to optimise fat loss and strength gains.

His expertise extends to Strength Training and Circuit Training Workouts, ensuring well-rounded fitness development. Leroy’s proficiency in TRX Suspension Training and Calisthenics enables him to enhance core strength and functional fitness. Adept at Gym-Based Training and General Fitness Coaching, he provides comprehensive guidance to clients seeking holistic transformations.

Additionally, Leroy is skilled in teaching Boxing, Kickboxing Techniques, and designing programs for Hypertrophy, Body Recomposition, and Weight Loss. With a dedication to delivering results-driven strategies, Leroy empowers individuals to achieve their fitness aspirations.