Lisa Khoos profile pic

– ACE Certified PT
– Senior Fitness Expert
– Rehab & Injury Prevention Expert
– Nutrition & Coaching Expert

Lisa is a certified ACE Personal Trainer. “ACE” is the American Council on Exercise and is one of the most recognized certifications in the industry. Lisa has extensive experience in healthy lifestyles, training, and recovery. She also holds ISA Certification of Exercise Prescription for Special Populations.

This means she is specialized in training the youth, elderly, and pregnant individuals. Lisa also has a Diploma in Sports Exercise and Sciences from PSB Academy which allows her to have an edge over other personal trainers.

Lisa also picked up coaching assignments to help her advance in her career goals, working with Alpha Gymnastics and Adidas Singapore.

Fun Fact: Lisa can be found regularly doing outdoor activities. She is a Canoe and Dragonboat Champion, securing a podium for 4 consecutive years. She also enjoys relaxing in nature, swimming, and taking walks by the beach.