Nadia Profile Pic

– ISA Certified PT
– Pre / Post Natal Expert
– Female Fitness Expert
– Strength & Conditioning Specialist
– Ultramarathon runner

Nadia is a seasoned personal trainer with a rich tapestry of 3 years in the fitness arena. Holding the esteemed titles of ISA certified PT and ISA certified Sport Science Fitness Professional, Nadia’s expertise is fortified by her CPR and AED certifications, promising a safe and informed training experience.

With a holistic approach, Nadia skilfully guides clients across a spectrum of goals. Whether it’s the intricate art of body recomposition, embarking on a transformative weight loss journey, nurturing overall fitness, tailoring workouts for seniors, fostering muscle growth through hypertrophy training, or offering specialised care during pre-/post-natal phases, Nadia’s repertoire is both diverse and comprehensive. Grounded in gym-based weight training, she meticulously crafts invigorating sessions encompassing strength and HIIT workouts, ensuring dynamic progress for every individual.

Beyond her professional credentials, Nadia’s accolades in numerous professional races underscore her commitment to excellence and achievement. Entrust your fitness aspirations to Nadia, where each session is a step towards realising your goals in an environment fueled by expertise and triumph.