Tess Profile Pic

– NCSF Certified Personal Training
– NCSF Sports Nutrition Specialist
– AED & CPR Certified
– Taekwondo (Black tip belt)
– Swimming (Gold Star Certification)
– STEEL COMBAT Fitness Instructor

Tess is an NCSF certified personal trainer – “NCSF” is the National Council of Strength and Fitness and is one of the most recognised personal training certificates in the industry. She is also First Aid Certified (CPR & AED). Additionally, she is a Sports and Nutrition Specialist, certified by NCSF.

Her specialty is weight loss training, strength training, flexibility and mobility exercises. She believes consistency and discipline is key to achieving fitness goals and anyone with the will power and commitment can make it happen.

Tess has a martial arts background (Taekwondo) and specialises in Cardio Kickboxing. She typically places high emphasis on her clients’ technique, form and posture during their strength training and weight loss training routine. She helps clients channel their energy during a whole-body workout for cardio, fat burning, releasing stress and improving coordination.

Patient and understanding, Tess is known among her clients for being sincere and hands-on with customisation and improvisation. Depending on the level of energy and motivation the client has on a particular day, she tweaks the sessions, without compromising on the overall results aimed.