TJ Profile Pic

– Diploma in Sports & Exercise
– CPR & AED Expert
– Diet & Nutrition Coach
– Weight Training & Kickboxing Expert

TJ is a well-known figure in the world of Arm Wrestling. Having won 6 Gold medals, 6 Silver medals, and 3 Bronze ones so far, he is the vice president for the Arm Wrestling Club in Singapore and has been featured in multiple national media (Straits Times, Mediacorp Channel 8, Channel News Asia, etc)!

Having completed his diploma in Sports and Exercise Science, he also holds the CPR & AED certification. He has dozens of clients so far, most of them acquired via word-of-mouth referrals from happy and satisfied customers.

His training style includes a combination of strength training and cardio modules, which he customises based on the performance ability of each client. He has also gained a fair amount of experience in modifying regular exercises to suit the mobility constraints of clients recovering from injury.

Fun facts:

  • TJ owns a mountain bike and never misses a chance to participate in a mountain rally. He hopes to bike it out to neighboring countries with his group of bike enthusiasts someday.
  • He is a seasoned ARPG (action role-playing game) player and plays at the status of a guild leader.
  • He and his twin brother (born 1 minute apart) are both national-level boxing champions. We think they must have been practicing among themselves even before they were born!!