Valen Arms crossed

– NCSF Certified PT
– Muscle Building Expert
– Weight Training Expert
– Diet & Nutrition Expert

Valen is a stickler for perfection and a tough taskmaster. He is all about going after excellence and using his willpower to achieve every goal he sets. He features on Wikipedia for his remarkable contribution and achievements in the world of Arm wrestling, a sport that became his passion at the age of 13!

Majoring in Health Management and Promotion, He is an NCSF (National Council on Strength and Fitness) Certified Personal Trainer. Valen has many years of personal training experience, during which he has worked with clients having goals ranging from weight loss, body definition, Muscle building, and strength training or a combination of them all. He is known among his clients for being patient, yet particular about pushing them, to outperform. He creates exercise sets that are challenging yet fun to do, depending on the client’s inclination towards a particular kind of workout.

Fun fact: In his early years, Valen was mocked and laughed at, due to his passion for arm wrestling. His endeavours were viewed as useless or a waste of time. However, he was not discouraged and gave his passion – his all. Today when he looks back, he feels proud of himself for just one thing – Not Giving Up!!