Bernhard Lieder is a Singapore-based corporate coach, trainer and international speaker. He is the founder of ATHLEADERS, a boutique training and training company that uses athletic principles to help modern leaders and their teams perform better.
“If you are in Sales & are looking for ways to get your team more connected, motivated and energized, Bernhard is the way to go!”
Hashim Aliyar, Sales Manager at Cisco, Singapore
Career Highlights

10 years in the corporate world with companies such as Lufthansa, BASF, Prada and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Workshop concept creator & lead moderator of co-creation workshops with adidas, IKEA, Nike, Dyson and Whirlpool.

Master of Arts in International Business awarded by Munich Business School

Certified Pn1 exercise & sports nutrition coach


3x winner of the Singapore International Triathlon (2015-2017);

Competitive football player in Germany;

Running coach for adidas runners Singapore (2019)

Ironman 70.3 finisher Dubai (2017) and Cebu (2018);

Marathon finisher Berlin (2019);

Bernhard Lieder is a genuine global citizen who shares his agile and entrepreneurial leadership message in English, German and Spanish. Based in Singapore, he brings his corporate and sports experience to ATHLEADERS where he blends the best of both worlds to innovative leadership training programs. He has among other managed $US150M in sales, played competitive football in Germany and won the most competitive age group of the Singapore International Triathlon 3 times in a row.

Bernhard holds a Master’s degree from Munich Business School, trained with the #1 ICF-accredited training school in the world and has studied extensively with authorities like Tony Robbins and other private trainers and coaches in the field of transformation, and business excellence.

“Bernhard handles very well the challenges appear due to cultural differences. I am sure that everybody would enjoy working with him.”
Ugur Ergin, Account Manager BASF, Turkey

Often solicited by companies such as IKEA, Nike, Dyson and Whirlpool for his expertise in teaching the principles of athletics in business and their impact on collaboration, creativity and sales conversion, Bernhard is dedicated to help teams achieve breakthrough results through innovative group methodologies.

He has worked with thousands of people in 50+ countries worldwide, has run workshops with the most innovative companies, which sparked the ideas for legendary products such as the colored adidas boots, the iconic Dyson hairdryer and many more.

Using his athletic mindset, best-in-class business knowledge and interpersonal skills, he has created world-class programs, which match and mix concepts from his different worlds of influence. Devoted to excellence and lifelong learning, Bernhard combines a decade of traditional and nontraditional studies in Executive Leadership Trainings, Project Management Excellence, Sports and Nutrition Coaching, Innovation Methods, Professional Facilitation and Coaching Trainings, and hundreds of hours of interactions with top business performers globally.

“Bernhard inspires others to go the extra mile with a smile.”
Sascha Opaska, Senior Manager BASF, Germany

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