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Corporate/School Health Talks

Corporate/School Health Talks

Are you organising an event for your company or school/university? Do you want to have a workshop on health & wellness for your team/students? Want a fun ice breaker session to improve the teamwork and camaraderie between your colleagues/students? Don’t want any talks but a simple bootcamp to be conducted for your group? We can do it all!

We have worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies

After having spent more than a decade in the corporate world (in the largest chemical company – BASF), our founder, Bernhard Lieder gained significant knowledge on how companies and teams work. Coupling this with sports, he has conducted health talks and seminars to some of the biggest brands in the world! He has conducted seminars for Google, Coca-Cola, IBM, DHL, Ericsson, Cisco, WeWork, JustCo, Allianz Euler Hermes, BASF, Singapore Golf Association, CoachSG, Chief Marketing Officer Summit APAC and many more…

Support that is right for you

BASF Health Talk

Bernhard’s personal background in corporates gives him a unique perspective on the challenges leaders and their teams in the corporate world face on a daily basis. No matter whether you want to increase the motivation and drive for your team/students or simply have a fun cardio session to get the heart rate going – we are able to customise something that fits to your agenda. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your event.



Avinash Deshmukh Vice President, BASF Singapore

I hired Bernhard to facilitate a half-day team building workshop for my regional Marketing & Sales Excellence team in Asia-Pacific. Before the event, I was looking for an inspiring trainer to help our diverse team bring communication and collaboration to the next level. I chose Bernhard because I felt that sports principles can teach us so much about performing as a team. ​Bernhard turned out to be an excellent choice! The interaction with him was highly professional. Based on my input, he designed a concept which gave me the confidence that the team would benefit from it. During the event, he was very engaging and approachable. The sports principles were spot on and delivered with clarity. They helped us understand the ideas from a competitive sports team perspective first – before applying them in various exercises afterwards. I was most impressed with the open environment he created. This resulted in the team feeling comfortable to openly share and give feedback. Half-way through, my team was already interacting at a depth and quality. ​I wholeheartedly recommend Bernhard for any team workshop or training targeted at improving performance. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Clemens Philippi CEO, Euler Hermes ASEAN Singapore

My team had a 90-minutes ‘lunch and learn’ session with Bernhard of ATHLEADERS. We engaged Bernhard to speak to our team about how to best perform under pressure. We had a specific situation that our team is coming out of two record breaking performance years and we wanted to get them ready for the third record breaking performance year. We tell the team to take the job as Olympians, as professional athletes. Today’s session with Bernhard was really helping our team, giving them concrete guidance, what professional athletes, top performers are doing and how these principles can be transferred to the corporate world. A quick feedback session I had with my team after 90 minutes with Bernhard and they were really overwhelmed, they took a lot of positive guidance along and they will apply it right away at their daily job. Anyone who wants to push their team to a higher performance culture, I would recommend working with Bernhard. Fantastic session, thank you very much Bernhard.

Supriya Rao Patwardhan Executive Vice President, DHL Group

I invited Bernhard to the wrap-up event at our global event for IT colleagues worldwide. The attendees found the conversation very insightful and engaging as we explored the similarities between sports and business when you have a champion mindset. Bernhard brought the concepts to life with great examples.

Josh Lubin VP of Human Resources, DSM

I had the opportunity to partner with Bernhard as part of our DSM APAC Marketing & Sales conference — "Stronger Together". Bernhard from Athleaders helped us bring the topic of health and wellbeing to life as part of an experiential 2-hour session for the 100+ participants. Despite the time pressure to deliver something from scratch within 2 weeks and meeting across timezones from Europe, Bernhard and his team were seamless to work with. Using our inputs, they drafted an engaging program on how we could address physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of our employees. The session itself was fantastic! Even weeks after the event, people still talk about the experience. If you are looking for a partner to help create the experience that bridges the benefits of health and wellbeing in business, Bernhard and the Athleaders team are top notch - Highly recommended!

Gautam Bansal Senior General Manager of Performance Materials (Consumer Industry), BASF

Recently hosted Bernhard Lieder, from Athleaders and Bernhard once again proved my decision to be right for the team in a crisis of pandemic which had recently put my team into lots of anxiety & uncertainty. I thank him for sharing his thoughts, tips and tools for managing ourselves in these days of isolation. Really commendable on how Bernhard could beautifully weave the relevant message taking cues from professional athletes, how they train themselves and excel in their respective fields. The messaging I must say was very powerful backed up with extremely relevant tips and tools. Energy levels and command on the topic just more than perfect. Going around with a feedback from my team who participated, heard them saying rejuvenating, inspiring, helpful, motivating and also had some fun. Thanks for this amazing interactive engagement for the South Asia Consumer team at BASF!!! I am sure this shall go a distance in boosting up the morale of the team members in the current situation.