Ameer Profile Pic

– ITE Certified
– Ex-firefighter
– Life Saving 3 Award

Ameer is a dedicated and experienced ITE certified fitness trainer with a remarkable background as a former firefighter. His journey from firefighting to fitness training has imbued him with a unique understanding of resilience, discipline, and the determination needed to achieve fitness goals.

He excels in tailoring fitness programmes to meet a variety of objectives, including body recomposition and effective weight loss, enhancing general fitness, specialised senior fitness regimens, and hypertrophy-focused training. He utilises a variety of training methods, including TRX, gym-based weight training, and invigorating bodyweight exercises to maximise results.

Ameer is committed to safety, and his Life Saving 3 award is a testament to his dedication to ensuring the well-being of those he serves. Beyond the fitness realm, Ameer finds passion in cycling and golf, showcasing his dedication to an active and fulfilling lifestyle.