– ACE Certified
– FEO Certified: Training Principles of Fat Loss under Ben Siong
– ISA Certified: Basic Nutrition

Meet Evelyn Choo, a seasoned Personal Trainer with over 2 years of dedicated experience in the fitness industry. Evelyn’s commitment to ongoing education is evident through her certifications, including the American Council of Exercise (ACE) with a focus on “Anti-Aging Benefits of Exercise,” “Better Brains, Better Bodies: building Mental Muscle,” and “Weightlifting for Women.” She has also obtained qualifications from Fitness Education Online (FEO) under Ben Siong, covering Training Principles of Fat Loss, and International Sports Academy (ISA) for Basic Nutrition. Additionally, Evelyn has honed her expertise with Erg Army under Jane Erbacher, achieving levels 1, 2, and 3: Foundations of Ergs, Erg Athlete, and Erg Master.Evelyn’s diverse skill set enables her to cater to a wide range of fitness goals, including Weight Loss, General Fitness, Hypertrophy, Strength Training, Cardio Training, Pre & Post Natal Fitness, Calisthenics, Senior Fitness, and Rehab Injury Prevention. Her holistic approach to training, backed by a wealth of knowledge, ensures that each client receives personalized guidance for a transformative and well-rounded fitness journey. With Evelyn as your trainer, you can expect not only expertise but also a genuine passion for helping you achieve your fitness aspirations.